If you’ve been online at all this past week, you’ve heard about “the suit”

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It’s got everyone asking WHY?

Here’s WHY.

You might have seen captions in the news that go something like this – “Seriously, who asked for this?!” and the truth is, nobody did and that’s what makes it special.

Over the past couple of months we’ve done some serious brand soul-searching, trying to discover our purpose or the “why” behind our whole company. We’ve toyed around with slogans like “find what you love” or other relevant statements that go along with our actual name “beloved”, but this all felt too forced.

When we first started the company and received our first sample ever –  the pancake stack sweatshirt . The overwhelming excitement that followed wasn’t because I love pancakes, it was the SHOCK FACTOR. Here at beloved we are selling more than just funny or nostalgic clothing, we are in business to provide an experience. We sell apparel that warrants a reaction. These are conversation starters! My favorite emails ever are from customers that say their beloved clothing changed their lives, such as this one below:

For the first time in my life perfect strangers and in particular…a cute woman stopped me in the street and asked me where I got my sweatshirt…
Terry S.Beloved Customer

So, really, nobody asked for a one-piece swimsuit with a very hairy man’s chest (and back) printed on it. But, the thing is, sometimes you just can’t put what you want (and maybe even need) in words. And that’s what’s so special about this suit. You couldn’t have asked for it, because you didn’t know you needed it, until you saw it. And that’s really what Beloved is all about. That experience.

So, we will continue to create shocking apparel even if it confuses the whole internet. It’s what we’re good at. Empowering introverts or seeing total strangers start conversations as a result of our clothing is the icing on the cake. 

Fast-Forward to today

The Sexy Chest Swimsuit was cooked up by our in-house designer and launched in May.

Like all of our designs, we wanted this suit to be an instant conversation starter – a wearable ice-breaker! And our customers are interpreting it in the most awesome way! From warding off weirdos at the beach, to challenging the idea of the “perfect summer body”, no matter how you wear it – it’s sure to get people talking!

So far the response has been super positive and we’ll continue to release more shocking swimwear. We thrive on this kind of thing… tapping into our #BelovedStateOfMind is seriously so much fun!

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